Explore the beautiful cities of Padua, Treviso, Verona and Vicenza.
Beautiful Houses, Botanical Gardens and more.
Explore Venice and its islands.
See the fishermens brightly coloured homes on Burano or the glass making on Murando.
Explore the Prosecco Hills
Taste the popular wines here or near Verona the fine wines of Valpolicella, Valpolicella Amarone and Soave.
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Experience Veneto

Veneto is the region that hosts Italy's biggest lake, and is the home of Romeo and Juliet, Prosecco, the famous dessert Tiramisu and so much more!

Veneto is a large region of Italy with Venice sited on its coastal border.  On its Western border sits Lake Garda, the largest of the Italian lakes, although it is only the second longest.

Just to the east of Lake Garda is the beautiful city immortalised by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet – Verona, home to a stunning ancient Roman amphitheatre.

Veneto is also the region where you can find the Prosecco hills, a Unesco World Heritage site.  We are, of course, able to arrange tours and wine tasting for your pleasure.

Padua is a wonderful city, again pretty well off the main tourist route for the British. This is where you will find the 13th Century Basilica of St Anthony and his place of burial. Padua is also another of Italy’s top university cities and a number of eminent British scholars have studied here. It is also home to the world’s oldest Botanical gardens still in their original location. There is a Roman villa here and some wonderful buildings are situated along the canal which leads to Venice.

Treviso is where Tiramisu was created and Vicenza is known for the beautiful villas designed by Andrea Palladio which gave rise to the famed Palladian style of architecture.

Abano Terme is a spa town, and a great location for travelling around this region as it has a railway station with easy access to many of the region’s most notable cities.

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