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Apart from its historical culture, Italy is renowned throughout the world for its incredible food and wine.

Apart from its historical culture, Italy is renowned throughout the world for its food and wine which are the result of the very rich traditions throughout the country.

Not only does each region of Italy have food which is unique to its area, but virtually each village throughout Italy imposes its own stamp of individuality.

Italians eat that which is produced locally and in season. This is the reason for its vibrant flavours.

Some of the differences are evident in the regional pastas and the way they are made.  For example, in the south in Puglia, typically a semolina may be used without the addition of eggs, whilst in the heartlands of Emilia-Romagna eggs will be added along with a finely-milled wheat 00 flour. In the autumn, pasta may be made with locally available chestnut flour.

We have cookery schools throughout Italy, some which offer you the opportunity to cook a three-course lunch or dinner, whilst others will immerse you in a three to five day experience where you will be taken to the local market to help buy the fresh ingredients.

The story is similar for wine; each region of Italy has its own specialities. Italy is, in fact, the world’s largest producer of wine and Italians like to enjoy drinking it with most meals. Naturally, Italy produces some of the finest wines in the world as well as some of the most popular. There are exciting festivals in the autumn when you can meet with the growers and taste their wines, together with locally produced food.

We can arrange for visits to vineyards together with wine tastings, and we can book you to visit one of these famous festivals where you can meet others with the same interests.  Just ask us.

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