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Hotel Aqua – Veneto

Hotel Aqua is a privately owned and managed 60 bedroom hotel in Abano Terme, this is a spa town approximately 50 km west of Venice.

Of course, many people like to stay in the city of Venice, but many people want to visit Venice as well as experiencing more of the region of Veneto. Abano Terme is an ideal base to do this. Staying here is less expensive than staying in Venice, whilst the railway station provides a quick and easy route into the city.

Other places to visit nearby are Padua, Vicenza, the Prosecco Hills and Verona.

Abano Terme is a typical Italian town with a number of local shops in the pedestrianised centre.

Hotel Aqua has two pools, which are fed from natural springs with warm water, the water has to be cooled for the pools, however, this means that you can enjoy swimming in the warm water even during the winter months.

The family, who own the hotel treat their guests as part of the family, you will have the warmest of welcomes here. Pia and Giovanni (Giovanni is Pia’s son) who own the property are constantly providing extra services to their guests which could be a wine tasting or a music event or perhaps a tasting of local cheese.

The hotel has a garden and is centrally located. There is a railway station about 10 minutes by taxi.