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Villa Scannagallo – Tuscany

Villa Scannagallo


We can offer a wide rage of villas in Tuscany, but Villa Scannagallo is a favourite of ours.


The owner is a retired lady, who was brought up here in what was a farmhouse and has since moved

to a nearby, smaller home, however as the farmhouse holds sentimental memories for her, she does

not want to let it go and therefore is happy to rent it to our customers.


The villa has been divided into six self-sufficient, fully equipped apartments, each of which has one

Shower room. There are two on the ground floor, one on the first floor and three on the second floor.

One apartment has one bedroom, one has three bedrooms and the other four have two bedrooms

each. There is also a communal large kitchen and large dining room as well as an extra communal



The villa sits in lovely gardens and has a private swimming pool, Jacuzzi for six people, a gazebo, a

barbeque and a pizza oven. There are plenty of sunbeds and some shade from the olive trees.


The village is just a short walk, about 10 to 15 minutes. There are a few shops here, a couple of

trattorias and a bank.


There is also a bus stop just a short stroll from the villa.


We recommend that guests staying here have a car, but it is not a requirement.


We prefer to let the villa as a whole as opposed to individual apartments, except in the low season.