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Forte Dei Marmi

Forte dei Marmi is the most elegant of the coastal resorts of Versilia. This is where the wealthy come  to spend their summer. Andrea Bocelli lives in one of the huge villas facing the sea. The Agnelli family,  the owners of FIAT, have a holiday villa and our own Henry Moore spent summers working in his studio.

 Forte Dei Marmi boasts many designer shops, but twice a week there is a huge market, which is where the elegant, local Italian ladies are happy to buy their clothes. The market is every Wednesday and Sunday, the Wednesday one being the larger.

Most of the beach is private.  However there is a municipally owned beach and also a public beach. You can rent space on a private beach, where you benefit from private space, sun loungers, chairs and a parasol. There are changing rooms and showers, a café and – importantly – a wooden boardwalk leading to the sea, in order to save you burning the soles of your feet.

The beach is deep and the sand beautiful and soft.  It shelves gently into the sea. There are lifeguards stationed all along the coast.

The backdrop here is the Alpi Apuane (The Apuan Mountains)    which glisten white, not with snow, but with the world’s most exquisite white Carrara,  marble. You can take Land Rover tours into the marble quarries.

Nearby is Pietrasanta.  This town dates back to the Middle Ages and is where Michelangelo came and stayed when he visited the Carrara quarries in order to select the marble for his magnificent statue of David.

Pietrasanta remains today an artist’s paradise. There are numerous well-known sculptures in the town as well as regular exhibitions . For budding sculptors there are workshops, where you can take a one-week course with a tutor and where you will be  provided with a piece of marble and all the necessary tools.

Transfer time from Pisa airport is about 35 minutes.